rooftop liaisons

While I was in New York, I met one of my friends from back home. She had moved east to work in media, and managed to become successful and, moreover, looked like one of the locals. We had drinks (on her) and some late dinner (which I bought because I was feeling guilty) and walked back to my hostel, still a little tipsy but not too much, and because it was nice we went onto the rooftop and watched the city. I'm from places where the traffic doesn't exist at night, but here everything was alive all night.

And we just talked. She said she didn't feel homesick very often, she was doing so well here. I wondered if there was something wrong with her, or if it was my problem--missing home so often, with the realization I can't really go home for a long time.

Eventually the sun came up and she went home leaving me thinking something I probably should have considered before: it takes a special type of person to wonder if someone who is happy and successful has something wrong with her because of that.

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