fantastic discoveries

I've spent my whole life exploring. I can hardly remember a time when I wasn't into it in some way. Even in my youth, looking back, it feels like everything led to this. It was meant to be a lifelong project. I never thought it would end, really. I thought you could continue learning about the world forever.

Except, the world's not flat like we thought. Everything I do, every figure I run, makes it more and more certain. The world is round. We've been wrong all along.

I haven't really shared my results with anyone yet. A few of my colleagues, of course, but I'm not sure I'm ready to tell the world. I keep trying to find a way that I might be wrong, and sometimes I feel like I'm close, but I know I'm only fooling myself. It's solid. We were wrong.

The thing is it doesn't change that much. It ought to be a fantastic discovery, revolutionize the world. But despite changing everything I'm going to keep doing basically what I've always done, except now I know that I'd been mistaken on the sort of thing I took for granted all my life. The very core of everything changed, and nothing else.

I set sail tomorrow. We are going west. I have never been more confident in my success. I have also never felt so much like everything I've ever done is fruitless.

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