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The talking heads on the TV are telling us there's been a large scale breakdown of social order. There's rioting and looting everywhere, and cities are on fire, and it's not safe to be near civilization anymore. In the places where there's still law they're trying to make the evacuations as orderly as possible, but the huge lines are just turning violent everywhere.

They are telling us we need to run or hide or prepare. Lock everything down, make sure we have food and everything we'll need. They have an expert on saying it's only going to get worse from here. We have to be ready. We have to prepare.

And then there's pictures and video, and reporters on the scene with all the devastation and the violence. And they're all saying they've never seen anything like this, and the people they interview are saying they're scared and confused and angry. Where is the government for all this?

But we just made popcorn and my girlfriend's asleep on my shoulder, and some days it's hard to worry about anything else. Outside, the city is on fire both literally and figuratively but nobody's bothered us here.

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