I must have taken a wrong turn.

As with everything, it came down ultimately to something which seems inconsequential. In the end it's always yes or no, left or right, keep going or stop. Everything is so unimaginably simple. I went left. I have no idea where I am.

I was so certain of my choice. It looked familiar. The numbers and the names felt right. And when it started to look uncertain, when I started to wonder if maybe I'd gone the wrong way, I pushed on past the unfamiliar streets and houses. I kept going. Another decision that I was certain of. Even if the road is the wrong one, a fact of which I was unconvinced, you will never get anywhere if you question your decisions everywhere. There was inertia.

And then the road started to twist and turn and I was certain that it was just around this next corner, or the one after, because I imagined that I remembered this intersection. And it was turns after turns until I reached a place where I finally knew that I was lost. Worse, I've been here before, long ago. I don't remember why or how I got here, except I know it's miles from where I meant to be.

This place is so familiar and so alien. I don't know where I came from and nobody here knows where I'm trying to go.

I won't be coming home tonight, my love.

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