I took her out to the cliffs looking over the Pacific a few hours from my house. It was one of those rare days where it's stormy out but the sky isn't just dull grey, either. There were swirls of darkness and color in the sky. For a while we stood at the cliff looking out over the waves as they dashed themselves against the rocks, just listening to the beating of the rain and the howling of the wind and the crash of the thunder.

The next I looked at her there was a strange light in her eyes. "Let's go swimming," she said, and I knew there'd be no stopping her. I smiled and said okay, and helped her find a way down to the water.

There was a section of cliff which was a little more shallow, but the rain made it slick, so we had to be careful. I helped her down as best as I could, and after what seemed like hours we were both on a little patch of white sand by the rocks, wet with rain, waves breaking around our feet.

She laughed and kicked off her shoes and then her clothes and asked if I was coming. I hesitated and said "I should just watch your stuff. Make sure it doesn't wash away." She laughed again and said okay, and then she jumped onto one of the rocks and disappeared into the waves, while I huddled against the rocks and watched for her return.

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AKA Tha Schust said...

This seems like it could be the sequel to "bonestorms".