you'll have to trust me

You know who you are.

She trusted me implicitly. Normally I abused people's trust; it was just something that you did, because all things end and it may as well be sooner than later. I'd get something out of it, and it's not like I didn't have the ability to make people trust me. But with her I felt different.

It went something like this: she started as a game much like any other, but then I actually liked talking to her, I actually really liked her. She trusted me, and I did nothing to earn it--I never did, but this time it felt different, like it mattered somehow. And I did what I could to earn it and warned her that she shouldn't trust me, and she said yes she should, that she knew I'd do anything for her.

It turns out she was wrong.

Normally at that point I'd have fled, like I always did. But this time I stayed. I listened. The worst part of it was she forgave me for everything. She was hurt but she still trusted me. She believed it was an isolated mistake.

Hell is living with someone who forgives.

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