apocalypse song

The end of the world looks something like this:

It's not the disasters that spell out the end. That's just a coincidence, or maybe it's just someone having fun. Someone trying to distract me from the real problem. Actually, it's the little things. I should have noticed it months ago, but I'm only just figuring it out.

Nothing has gone right, and I thought it was just bad luck. There was a girl I really, truly, should have loved, but instead I let her go, and convinced myself not to cry when I watched her get on the last train home. There were little coincidences--not always disastrous or even bad, but never good. Always something that at least leaves me a little sad or a little wistful or a little nostalgic--and that always leaves me with a little less hope.

They've all been signs that everything is coming to an end. I was too busy worrying about earthquakes and oil spills and volcanoes and storms to notice--the end really is here. I can do anything I want, and it will end in disaster, because the whole world is going to end in disaster soon. I may as well make the best of it.

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