wormwood, pt. 23

Does anyone really know what time it is?

It was a lot longer than Winston would have liked before they started getting close to the city. It was about there that he stopped the car. "So, I'd bet my car the roads in are being watched."

The man in the front seat laughed. "I knew I liked you, kid. You think you can get us there on foot?"

"I'll try. I've got a friend in the city who'll be able to help if I can't figure it out." He fumbled for his phone before pausing. "But, knowing Rose, she'll want passage for herself and one other person or she won't help. Is that possible? She's, uh, pretty handy."

"I don't see why not, kid. Give her a call."

He did. She didn't answer. He managed to refrain from throwing the phone out the window, but only just. "She's not answering," he said.

"Probably asleep. It's probably pretty late by now, isn't it?"

"Asleep, dead, or ignoring the phone. Whatever. I guess we could sleep before trying to head into the city. Maybe the darkness will have lifted by morning."

"You're an optimist, kid. I like that. But while we're all fucked, I could use some sleep."

The car made for a poor shelter, but they tried to sleep as well as they could. It was very early on Friday morning.

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