wormwood, pt. 25

It was still dark when Winston awoke, and he didn't feel remotely rested. But he started feeling worse the longer he tried to sleep, so he opened up the car door and walked outside.

It was perfectly quiet except for a strong wind, and dark enough that he couldn't really see anything. He walked for a while and sat down on a concrete freeway barrier and stared out into the darkness. The wind was bracing, at least. He didn't feel less tired but at least he felt alert.

His phone rang. Rosalind was calling.


"Winston! It's Rosalind."

"Hey, I tried calling earlier. I thought maybe you died." Images of Rosalind dead flashed through his mind, and he shivered. "You're okay?"

"Yeah, I guess. Nicole and me are holed up downtown. Nice place but I have no idea what I'm doing. But at least it's not a warzone out there anymore. Maybe if we go out we won't get shot."

"Get shot? What--forget it. Listen, I need a favor."

"Of course you do. The world's ending and you're still coming to me for help. I can't always--"

"I've got us a boat. He says you can come. You and Nicole. You just have to get us into the city and to the docks."

There was a long silence over the phone. Then, "Tell me where you are, exactly. Then wait there for me. Tell your friend I'll figure something out. I will call you when I do. Don't go anywhere until then."

"What are you--"

"Just stay there. I'll talk to you soon."

She hung up. Winston shivered again, and wondered what the day would bring. If there was going to be a day.

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