making out in public places, reprise

Guess what woke me up this morning.

We were drunk and it was late. Ostensibly I was walking her back home, but in reality we were on the wrong street, stumbling aimlessly through the night, kissing in random places. I don't think either of us was even remotely aware of our surroundings. At some point I stumbled against a parked car, and its alarm started going off. I remember that much. I said something like "oh shit," and she just smiled and pushed me against the hood and kissed me.

After a few moments I stopped protesting that someone would get us in trouble and let the constant sound of the horn blend into the background. It was possible to feel like we were just in love and the idea of the world knowing made it more exciting--the alarm was telling the whole world. Eventually I was even glad it was there.

But as time wore on and the alarm kept sounding, nobody came out to investigate. Maybe a few windows flickered open to see if they could spot the source of the sound, but nothing else. We were shouting to the world, but the world just wanted to sleep.

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