the internal inconsistency of dreams

I've started keeping a dream journal. At first the results were sketchy at best but I've finally started remembering them and writing down details and one thing has stuck out to me: my dreams are not, in fact, internally consistent. Just lately I had a dream where I was driving a car (and a modern car, at that). Later on we were loading up our horses and--I remember this clearly--at this point my consciousness revolted and said, "These dreams have no internal consistency! I should be driving a car! We don't use horses anymore!"

My subconscious resisted my consciousness's attempt at guiding the dream back into internal consistency. It decided that this was the ideal time to make the dream genre fiction set in a steampunk world. It has become evident to me that my subconscious is willing to peddle any lie, so long as it doesn't have to admit it's wrong.


effika said...

My dreams are internally consistent. It scares the hell out of me some times.

W.H. Taft said...

I often dream of pants that don't fit and a bathtub that's two sizes too small.

giverny said...

I spent this morning reading through all the archives. now I am done.

my dreams are not internally consistent, but I don't think they were meant to be. My dream would never let me complain to it about inconsistency.

Gallia said...

i think this reveals a primitive relationship between subconscious and conscious, in fact. you should be quite able to direct your own dreams.
*cue gong*
"hello, I'm your subconscious and I demand greater effort from you. I want daily exercise and plenty of fluids, and I'd prefer if you inject your so-called logicality into my work more often, so long as you accept that I have every right to scoff and reject it.

by the way, I'm Gallia, Giv's other sub-conscience. She should really know better than linking other people's blogs.

giverny said...

funny, gallia..

I was just deciding to link your blog..

Jeremiah said...

Steampunk, huh? Like Neuromancer, but with clockwork.

Gallia said...

funny, giv, i fail to understand what my blog title implies. "evacuate this blog immediately!!" ...maybe?
(word verification is "qakkfih". at first glance, sounds like some kind of middle eastern duck dish)