waiting room

She said she didn't think she'd ever waited in the DOL for so long. I nodded. She said she got a new ID 27 times in one year, once. I nodded. She told the lady next to her she had a nice tan. She nodded, and pretended she needed to make a phone call.

"Drive 'em off," she said. I noted that I would not be able to use that out.

She told me some other things. I nodded some more times. I didn't really figure out what she was getting at, but I stayed anyway. She smelled like bad cigarettes--and sounded like she'd been at them since she was twelve. I couldn't figure how old she was, but you're never too young to wash up. I've been afraid of that for a long time.

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Janie-In-Nautilus said...

I remember watching you and laughing. It was one of those things I saw and laughed at, but didn't get involved in. I also decided, after counting your nods (and you thought you were hiding it so well, your.. whatever you called it; bemused recoiling dismay, I suppose) that if you nodded more than thirty times, I was going to get involved. You nodded twenty-nine times and I can't say I didn't regret it a little bit, especially when I saw the way you looked after she finally let you go.