parachuting narwhals

I was at a cafe earlier, eating a late lunch that was more of an early dinner with a friend of mine. The girls opposite me and behind him were talking about something or other--I never quite heard them. One of them was cupping her breasts and occasionally squeezing them together or pushing them up. It looked like she was trying to illustrate a point, but I couldn't hear what she was talking about. There was really nothing sensual about it. Sometimes she would remove her hands to gesture, then quickly and mechanically clap them back on like she'd forgotten about it.

Then the girl next to her said, "Parachuting narwhals are the best." I laughed. She gave me a look that I couldn't quite read--was she angry? Confused? I gave her a thumbs up and kept smiling. It was probably the best thing I'd heard all month.


Janie-In-Nautilus said...

parachuting narwhals. that's brilliant, and this is a true story. that happened to me tonight, actually, only the phrase was 'Morton was convinced that he was a dish, and wanted the orphans to wrap him in paper and send him away.'

Mephator said...

Parachuting narwhals are hawt bizness.