When I moved across the country, I said it was for a number of reasons. Whim, a change of scenery, looking for work--most of which were lies. Really I was running away from a girl who, as far as I'm concerned, is perfect in every way--telling myself it was a bad time for such things, or more accurately, telling myself it was because of whim, a change of scenery, looking for work. Painting myself as an impulsive boy with wanderlust.

I went back and we met for coffee. She drank tea. And it's true, the move changed me somehow. I'm not really sure what it is though I've written pages trying to figure it out. It changed how I saw people, and with her I wasn't afraid anymore. We promised to keep in touch as she dropped me off at the airport in the fog, and unlike all the other times it was said to all the other people I'd lost touch with over the years we both meant it.

It was the first departure I'd been really happy with--not that I was glad I was leaving, but that I felt I wasn't really leaving.

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katie palm said...

it's not the distance that creates the change, it's time. And whether or not people can reconnect can only be answered by time