i don't mind

I ran into her while I was coming off the train. I was drinking coffee from the crepes place in Davis Square and wasn't really paying that much attention, and anyway she looked like she was going to wait. Apparently not--I spilled my coffee all over myself. She began apologizing profusely. "Oh my God I'm so sorry I didn't see you I wasn't paying attention I'm so sorry are you all right are you--"

I just smiled. "It's fine, I wasn't paying attention either."

"Are you sure you're all right?"

"Really, I'm fine." The doors closed behind me.

"I'm so clumsy sometimes, it's really my fault, you--are you burnt or anything?

The train began pulling away behind me. "I should be apologizing to you," I said with a smile. "You just missed your train."

"Fancy that." She seemed to already be heading for the escalators. "Maybe I can get you another coffee?"

I shrugged. I had nowhere to be, and anyway she'd come this far...

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