I keep remembering just watching a clip of someone canoeing down I-5 whenever I see the torrential rains we get here. It's always rainy in the Seattle winters but it had been a record month for rainfall. I keep remembering being in awe of the destructive ability of a little water. Roads washing out, freeways flooded. It was bad. Here it never lasts. It's misty one minute and a downpour the next, and you're kissing in the rain like they do in movies, and then the rain is gone and the mist is back and you're soaking wet and wondering where the weather went. Then the sun is out and you're wearing sunglasses and laughing and dripping water everywhere.

Right now in Seattle I guess it's probably raining on the flowers that make the city so beautiful in the spring. Meanwhile the floodwater keeps rising, threatening to encroach, to ruin so much for so many people, and somewhere someone's young and whimsical and taking this little bit of rain as the chance to do something silly and romantic--something I haven't been able to do since I saw the video of a canoe floating down I-5, down the stretch of road I drove almost every weekend.

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