sunrise, sunset

Sunrise, Friday. Wake up, tired but unable to continue sleeping.
Sunset, Friday. Engaged in a deep conversation, telling her everything. It lasts until late; fall asleep feeling unresolved.

Sunrise, Saturday. It's another beautiful morning!
Sunset, Saturday. One more than one too many; everything seems so inadvisable.

Sunrise, Sunday. Stagger into bed. Is this really happening?
Sunset, Sunday. "I love you." Avoid responding, wonder how much she notices.

Sunrise, Monday. "Oh God, the sun is coming up. I have to get up in the morning. We should probably go to bed or something."
Sunset, Monday. Coffee and cigarettes.

Sunrise, Tuesday. "Are you always up this late?"
Sunset, Tuesday. "Do you want me to go home?"

Sunrise, Wednesday. Asleep, for once, though not as dreamless as I'd like.
Sunset, Wednesday. Engrossed in a book, ignoring the cell phone as it rings, rings, rings.

Sunrise, Thursday. Give up and answer the phone. She's not upset. We talk, and it's like nothing, or everything, happened.
Sunset, Thursday. Step outside for a smoke. She doesn't join me.

Sunrise, Friday. This is no time for an existential crisis.
Sunset, Friday. Trying to remember how to be honest.

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