the whole story, pt. 6

By twenty-eight Nicole had an MSW and was a case worker in abuse prevention, dating a boy she'd met in college who had just received his doctorate and was looking for work as a college professor or something. He was so effortless and unconcerned--she worked hard and worried about everything. She had mellowed since she received her bachelor's degree. She tried to repair her relations with her family. She had taken up drawing again--alone in her room, wondering if she could ever show the stories to anyone. The old napkin that was buried somewhere in her wallet was forgotten.

At thirty Eric was on the state legislature. He no longer left poems on napkins for waitresses, but he tried to be friendly, at least. Now he wondered if he'd missed his chance for adventure somewhere--sometimes wistfully, sometimes wondering if he really missed it at all. He was doing something he liked, and was it important if his last relationship failed and he hadn't been interested in another one for . . . it must have been a few years, now. His sister was living in Montreal, making a living editing at a local magazine. He visited frequently, and on the plane always wished the most that there didn't have to be be a flight back.


Janie said...

ohh.. I was hoping they would have met by now! they are going to die alone, aren't they?

Janie said...

you shouldn't answer, of course. that would ruin things.