succinct, pt. 5

They do not see each other for a few days. This is not unusual, because they are both busy, and there is a certain level of trust there. They know that they do not mean anything by it. So he is both surprised and unsurprised when he receives her phone call--surprised by what she has to say, unsurprised that she is calling at all.

She asks if he wanted to talk, if that is why he left in the morning. If that is why they haven't seen each other. He says no, and that he has just been busy, and the second part is true. He has been busy and he has been thinking, which he usually does not do when he is busy. He is thinking about everything in a way which is not entirely new, but has never been this constant.

"Hey, I'm on break, I don't have a lot of time, can I call you back when I'm off?" he says.

"Sure. I don't know. I'm just worried."

"Don't be. I gotta go. Love you."

"I love you, too." He hangs up.

This is not quite right, either. He decides that something needs to be done.

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