I thought that when spring started up again it'd clear my head again, but it turns out that's not quite how it works. The weather was warm and bright and beautiful today and I went out walking and in the light everything seemed completely and utterly alien. For the winter months I was mostly coming out at night, or it was cloudy or I figured the reason everything seemed so strange was that the sunlight was so rare. But today it was worse than ever, and it's not just because I'm not used to it. I know that now.

And it wasn't just clearer by light of day, either. As I walked around gaping at everything I could perfectly hear anything that was said--but I couldn't understand any of it. Sometimes I felt that they were talking about me, and I turned to look at them, but none of them seemed to even know I was there.

So I stood on a bridge over the overpass and felt the texture of the chain-link fence, and it was a texture unlike anything I'd ever known or seen before. And I watched the cars go by one by one, and tried to remember what they were for.

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AKA Tha Schust said...

The last sentence reminds me of "The Judgement" by Kafka.