By daylight the world makes sense. Everything happens for a reason, everything is straightforward and orderly. I know where I stand with everything. It's clean and bright and wonderful. So long as the sun hasn't set I'm happy.

Then night comes around and things start slipping. The world loses that sense of realness, things stop having causes. I'd say it was like a dream if that were actually true or accurate or helpful. Things just happen without a reason and sometimes they happen without causing anything to happen, which sometimes makes them even more terrible. The buildings are strange and nothing is where I think it should be.

It probably wouldn't be so bad if I were convinced it was the world I see by daylight that's real. But the night is the one that rings true. It's at night that I have the conversations that feel real. There's no meaningless "how are you?" and "I'm sorry" as you brush past people at the night. There's tears and laughter and words that people always mean when they say them, especially when they're not true.

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Anonymous said...

sometimes nights make sense and are happy. after all they're the time most people are most alone. free of obligations even if only for a night.