check, please

She is silent as she eats, and she glares the whole time. I've done something, but I honestly don't know what it is. It could be anything. And I keep trying to tell her stories or ask her questions that might engage her, and she just shrugs or nods or shakes her head. I haven't even touched my coffee. My voice is hoarse but if I can't stand it if I stop to take a drink. It revolts me in ways I can't describe.

I know she's listening. She isn't responding and her expression is unchanging and she isn't looking at me but there is no doubt in my mind, she hears every word. I'm driving myself mad looking for little patterns and signals in her body language. There's nothing there. But anything is better than thinking that I'm talking to a wall.

The waiter comes around and she asks for a refill on her Coke, and she smiles and says thank you. He asks me if I need anything else and I just shake my head, and take a drink from my coffee. It's cold, but I've decided to let the silence wash over us both. Maybe if it's bad enough she'll break it herself.

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