did it always look so grey?

In my childhood I remember springs being bright and vibrant times, full of storms and sunny days where there was nothing nicer than going outside or keeping the windows open inside and just letting the fresh air and the sounds of spring wash over.

Lately it's just been grey out, and not the stormy kind, or even the rainy kind. The sky is just a dull grey and the only color is the green on the trees, and it's windy and just cold enough that everyone's still in their jackets. It's spring. People aren't supposed to be wearing their jackets.

While I was out earlier I felt a few scattered raindrops and I hoped the sky would go dark and the rain would pour like it does sometimes, like I remembered it doing, but it never did. My hands got cold and I buried them in my pockets and stayed inside with the windows closed and the blinds drawn. I tried to read but it was hard to focus, so I just put a movie on and drifted off.


Ayn Rand said...
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Ayn Rand said...

Perhaps the rain you get when it's 6 PM and an hour to sundown is gloomier than the one in the early afternoon, what with all the sparse light.

And then I'm sure being "busy" all day and then, uh, "experiencing" a rain is dissimilar to the same thing happening after a day of, well, being a kid all day.

I should add; reading this makes me feel congenial yet unsatisfied with the not-quite-positive-enough conclusion/theme/thesis/whatever. Hence the above is more of a rationalization to falsify what I feel to be true, yet don't want to be so.