signs and portents

She always watched the stars for signs and portents. Any time something happened she'd always tell me, "There's no such thing as coincidence," and after a while I started to believe her. For me I always said it was all about the science of things, how everything is connected, everything affects everything else. There's nothing random. Everything happens for a reason. Really though, it was a bit more mystical than that.

When we were together the signs were all there that we were meant to be. Everything was perfect in ways that only completely unplanned things can be. And I stopped trying to justify it and lived in the moment. All of this happened because it was supposed to happen. The universe wanted it to be.

Unfortunately, as someone once said, nothing good ever lasts.

It wasn't fate that came between us. We were never star-crossed lovers. It was us. Things had taken a bad turn for both of us and there was tension and there was fighting and there were things said that couldn't be unsaid, things done that couldn't be forgiven. But for a while we both held on, because we were meant to be, weren't we? We could overcome. We had to. We didn't.

It was beautiful and sunny when I saw her for the last time. We met at the coffee shop where we had our first date. She had her bags packed and I asked her why this wasn't working. There were so many signs it was right, it was meant to be. And she smiled through teary eyes and said "Maybe it was just the perfect coincidence."

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