I've been working on a new project. It doesn't really fit here, so updates have been slow. I'd apologize but I'm sure you could use a break.

The rain shouldn't be this warm, but there's not a lot you can do about reality when it happens. I go outside without a coat on and let the rain soak me and instead of shivering in the cold, it's warm like rain in the summer is warm. And the temperatures are still in the 40s outside and it should feel colder than this. But it doesn't.

Nobody else seems to believe me. They only go out when they have to, and they're still protected from it, they're still carrying umbrellas and wearing coats. They hurry like it's still cold, and when I ask if they can feel how warm it is, they say they try not to feel it at all.

People look at me like I'm a crazy person, or, sometimes, with pity. They say things like "I'd hate to be dressed like that in this weather." And I wish I could tell them how warm it is, but they wouldn't believe me. They need to go out there and experience it for themselves. Then they'd know.

But as it stands, the winter came and it brought an impossible warmth, and I'm the only one who knows about it.

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