blue skies

A few days ago, the sky stopped being blue. Not because of cloud cover or anything, but because blueness simply stopped being a quality the sky possessed.

Everyone noticed, of course. For the first few hours, the whole city stopped, and people were just staring at the sky. I'd say they were wondering what it meant, but that's not what people actually do. They stop and stare. They take pictures. They ask what's going on, and did you see that, and then, some hours later, they go on with their lives.

But me, I couldn't get over it. For the first day or two I could still get people to talk about it, because it was still interesting, but by three days in, some people seemed to have forgotten, and the rest didn't care. Yes, the sky isn't blue anymore, but what can we do about it? There's still work to be done, and it won't get done any faster if we keep talking about it.

And maybe they're right. The world keeps turning. Nothing else has changed. But it seems to me like everything has, in its own little way.

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