even more updates

First, the announcement: my new magazine (which is now called Strange Constellations is officially open for submissions as of today, until August 31. I'm paying $30 for stories I accept. If you're a writer you should send me something.

So, since I announced I was starting a magazine I've had several people offer me advice and encouragement. When I started all I knew is I wanted to edit a magazine, and I wanted it to be Creative Commons. Those two things haven't changed, but a lot of other things have. I've changed the name, because while I still love Asterism Press as the name for a small press, it's not really a magazine name. So now it's Strange Constellations. I decided to start paying for stories, and I'm listing it on actual markets instead of just hoping that people stumble across it through dumb luck.

I think the biggest change is the format. It was originally going to be twice a year, with six stories every six months. I've switched to a monthly format, with one story per month. I'll start publishing in September and I intend to keep going until people stop sending me stories.

I'm looking forward to it. Hopefully you'll enjoy, as well.


Jin Myeong Seo said...

Aww, bummer. 3000-7500 words? All I do is write novels. Oh well.

Good luck with your magazine, buddy.

Rob said...

Thanks! Short stories are great fun, though, you should definitely try your hand.

shanu goyal said...

I do write short stories and it would be great for me if you publish them in your magazine. So how should I proceed with it?

Rob said...

The submission guidelines are here: