The fence around my neighbor's property is electric. I bike past it on my way into town every morning, and I can feel it hum, feel my hair stand up as I pass by. I'm afraid of it the way none of his cattle seem to be. They stand right up next to it and just eat the grass there. As if it's not somehow perilous to be close. Every morning I put my head down and pedal as hard as I can. I can't stand it.

I tried to keep my girlfriend from coming out here for as long as possible, but she finally made her way around my excuses and came over, and she didn't even ask about the fence, even though I know she must have been right there, no more than a few feet away. I didn't mention it. I even forgot about it for a while, because she makes me forget, and later the wine made me forget, and forgetting made me say bold and foolish things, like suggesting that maybe we should go for a walk.

Of course we walked down the road past the fence. And I could feel the electricity coursing through me in a way that suddenly felt unfamiliar with her there, her hand in mine. I almost felt she noticed, too, but maybe that was me. But her smile seemed electric and she seemed so much more animated than before. Was it the fence? The wine? Something else entirely?

And before we'd gotten away, before I could clear my head and realize how stupid it was to be here, she kissed me and I forgot everything else but the jolt she sent coursing through me, and I backed into the fence and everything was electric, and there was a loud pop and a blinding flash.

When we got back to my place the feeling like the electricity was right there was still there, and the wine had worn off. I wanted to run as fast as I could but I knew it would follow. It was only safe where she was. When she was close enough I almost couldn't feel it.

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