I was only planning on stealing her TV. I needed the money. And I would have, too, but there was something that felt so safe about her apartment. So home-like. I'd never been somewhere that felt like home before. So I started looking around.

When I heard the door open I panicked and hid and spent the evening just watching her. She didn't do anything remarkable but it felt like I'd known her for years, like we were just lounging around the living room together. The way she turned the TV on and then didn't watch it for twenty minutes and then turned it off when a commercial bothered her felt so familiar.

And then it was late and she got ready for bed and even closed the bathroom door despite being home alone, just like I do. Finally she went to sleep and I went back to my apartment, without a TV to show for my efforts. But I had a home now. That had to be worth something.

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