everybody gets a little lost sometimes

From something Erika Broad wrote.

Last night was the sort of night where I wandered so far and to so many places I didn't really know where I was anymore. My friends took their cabs back to their respective homes before I could think to ask where we actually were. It was late and I'd had a few drinks too many and the world was spinning so I just walked away from the bar until I found a bus stop with a bench, and sat down and closed my eyes and let the world spin.

Eventually it was later and I must have fallen asleep because I was laying down on the bench and then there was someone saying something like "Hey, do you know where Broad Street is?"

"No idea, sorry."

"Come on, you can't get rid of me that easy."

"I really don't know." I still didn't know where I was. The bus stop said it was the 26. It wouldn't be running for hours. I almost knew where that one went, even. He kept hassling me, accusing me of lying to him, threatening me. Eventually I gave him bad directions--or maybe they worked, who knows?--and fled before he could come back and punish me for lying.

I should have been scared or a little bit worried, but instead I just felt less alone. This guy's in the same boat I am, and somehow that makes it all right.

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