just the wind

The city has been perfectly silent recently. At night the constant sound of cars driving by has just stopped--that's where it all really started. I used to go to sleep to the white noise from the city, but now there's just the occasional rustling of the breeze. No cars, nothing. And it's not just the night. Out walking during the day, the cars don't make any sound at all. A busy street and there's not even the occasional sound of engines and tires--just the breeze, and that's it.

I've been asking around. If they hadn't noticed it already anyone I talk to says it has been quiet, now that I mention it. The sounds have just stopped. It's as peaceful as anything out there now, and it feels weird. Like it's four in the morning all the time, like the streets are completely empty even when they're not--so long as you've got your eyes shut or you aren't looking, you could convince yourself this is all there is.

And maybe it is. Maybe it's all there's ever been. Maybe everyone I'm talking to about it is just crazy--it wouldn't be the first time.

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