I read somewhere that the thing with insects and lights has something to do with the moon. Something like they think that the bright lights in the sky are the moon and they fly towards it, then they just get there and buzz around it forever, because what the hell is an insect going to do once it's got to the moon?

It's dark and there's a little bug on my monitor, who probably thinks he's found some forgotten paradise but isn't sure how to turn it on. Or maybe that's just me reading too much into it? I just want to know there's someone else out there, even if it's just a bug.

I've got this ticket to Chicago to see the girl I left there. Ostensibly we're going to see a concert--and that's all we have planned. I just can't help hoping something more will happen. Or not even hoping. I'll catch myself thinking that it's somehow possible, or even likely. It's not, of course. There's a reason she's there and I'm not. We've both moved on.

And here's me with a ticket. I guess I'll just get there and hang around until I've overstayed my welcome, because what the hell is a moth going to do once it's got to the moon?

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