plague of locusts, pt. 2

My girlfriend kept turning over in her sleep that night, so I went down to the living room to finish my book instead. Her mother was there, just staring out the window. She smiled at me automatically and I set my book on the coffee table and said "Hello."

"How is she doing?"

"She's okay, I think. I'm trying not to pry."

"That's nice."

I felt something more was expected, so I said something like "How are you?"

"Well, we've always had a fair bit tidied away for a rainy day, so I guess we'll manage without the farm." She sighed. "It's so unexpected though. I think that's the worst part of it. You can't get used to it. I keep thinking we've got work to do, but no, that's all gone now."

We talked for a while about trivial things then, and she decided to go to bed. I tried to read but by then I was too tired, so I went back upstairs. As I lay down my girlfriend said, "Hey."

"Hi. Couldn't sleep?"


"Did you decide if you wanted to go home?"


"Want to go for a walk?"

She didn't answer for what felt like forever. Then, "Yeah, okay."

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