The only reason I ever hesitated about escaping was worrying about whether I could return. I didn't really like it there, but there was a girl there I liked, and sometimes when I was about to run away I'd find myself thinking that maybe I was just going somewhere worse. I was terrified that I'd want to return and find that door closed.

I told her about it the night before I finally left. She told me there's always a way back, and that's the sort of thing you just believe when you hear. The next day I packed up and hit the road.

It was only a few days before I got completely lost somewhere, and at first I panicked. I almost called and said I was lost and didn't know how to get home, but as I sat on the grass and watched the cars go by I realized that I was doing something I could never have done at home. I was lost and alone and had nowhere to be, nowhere I even knew how to find. It should have frightened me but instead I just felt like I'd finally made good choices.

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Anonymous said...

i really like this. it seems to real, like this is like escape would feel like. well done.