of hell and hallucinations

Ever since the meteor fell, I've started seeing weird things. As far as I can tell it's not real, but where there used to be grass and trees there are just blasted gaping pits and burning hellfire. And there's that whole burning sulfur smell. The fires retreat before my footsteps like I'm some sort of prince of hell--or maybe an avenging angel.

I've probably been more distracted than normal, but at least I've been careful not to tell anyone. I get enough weird looks as it is.

Mostly the people look about the same. Some of them are red-skinned and have horns or whatever, and a few have the whole cloven hooves thing going on. Some are horrible slavering hell beasts. Mostly it doesn't matter even when they are, though, except I try to get away faster than I normally would.

And then this girl came into the shop today and she was all shining and white and perfect, and she looked at me like I was the worst thing I'd ever seen. And the hellscape bowed before her and the smoke and the flames crowned her like she was the master of this realm, and I just wondered which one of us was which.

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