wormwood, pt. 2

It was the best hot shower she'd had in a long time. The bruises, she decided, would probably heal in a few days, though even after cleaning up the blood, the road rash would probably leave a scar. The blood would probably come out of her clothes eventually. Meanwhile she always kept a change of clothes in her bag--a long black shirt and some black jeans.

She dried off and got dressed and sat down on the couch next to her blood stain.

"Hey, you still look like shit."

"Yeah, thanks, Winston. Did you make breakfast?"

"I did. It's on the coffee table. Can I get you anything else while you're at it?"

"Nah, I'm good." She closed her eyes and lay down on the couch. "Oh, hey, I got a bottle of absinthe this weekend. You should come by after work. My roommate and I were going to jam."

"Is that what you're calling her now?"

"Apparently. You coming?"

"I guess I'll swing by. I guess we'll call this whole 'ruining my couch again' thing even. See you tonight, then?"


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Semicolons said...

You've described her clothes, but not her appearance. Now i'm just wondering what the hell she looks like. Tall? Short? 500 lbs? I'll have to assume average for now. These sections are short so i'm guessing you'll round her out more in the next few. I might not comment every post if they are going to be this short. Also, why doesn't Winston say something about this chick's obvious alcoholism? Absinthe after a drunken B&E? I have to assume Winston has a vagina until proven otherwise.