memory loss

I don't know what's happened. I'm in a strange city in a strange room. No idea how I got here. But I can't remember what happened before, either. I know who I am, where I should be. But this isn't it. This isn't my house, this isn't my city.

I walk out of my room and head upstairs. At first there's no one here, and I look out the window over the freeway--a freeway I've never seen before. Then a man walks in and greets me casually--using my name. I have never seen this man in my life. I hesitate for a moment. I can't just ask where I am. I pretend that nothing's wrong. "Hey, what's going on?"

He suggests he is heading to a restaurant downtown with a name I recognized; would I like to join him? I say that I would. "I'm just going to take the bus," he says. "It's too nice out for driving." I agree that it is nice weather. We walk to the bus stop, which features the same route numbers I would take downtown back home. As we drive, the bus driver calls out familiar-sounding intersections, but the scenery is all wrong.

We get off at the same intersection we always did, but everything is different. The restaurant isn't the same, but it's clearly the one I used to know. Even the menu seems different, though the waiter clearly knows me, and when I order an item I'd swear I'd never eaten before, he says, "Not feeling adventurous today, huh?"

I don't explain today, but I think I'm missing an opportunity.

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