do you realize??

I have been trying to write you a love letter for some time now. I have crossed out more words than I have kept so far. The ones I kept go like this:

We are phenomenally unlikely. As Stoppard wrote: "I hope that doesn't sound surprising because its very unsurprisingness is something I am trying to keep hold of." An endless string of trivial details led us together, each one of them vitally important. And, taken together, it is a phenomenally unlikely string.

Is it weird to wonder if I would have met you if I didn't have this scar by my eye? Even that feels so significant. It could have changed my whole outlook. I'd never know. Maybe we'd still have met but something would be different. I wouldn't be who I am, just like I'm not who I was.

You've got your share of scars, too. You've lived your life--and I mean "lived" in the active sense, not the passive way most of us do--and I've lived mine, and every single moment has shaped us, so that this moment happened and is so completely perfect.

All we have to show for it are scars and stories, but they are our scars and our stories, and they're all so unlikely and so perfect. The best discoveries, they tell me, are often accidents.

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