fire, burglary, flood

It is safe to say I have been preoccupied with disaster lately. I've been gearing up for the worst, and "the worst" involves a lot of different things in different circumstances.

I've put more locks on the doors, better locks, resistant to picking, resistant to brute force. They are alarmed and made of fire-resistant materials. The windows are reinforced and securely locked. I have calculated the shortest escape route from every room in my house. I carry on my person at all times a set of lockpicks, a flashlight, and a multitool. In my bag I have various other essentials, including but not limited to a change of clothes, my netbook and its charger, the charger for my cell phone, an emergency supply of food and hand warmers, and a blanket. My valuables are hidden carefully and elaborately disguised. I have a wall safe filled with counterfeit money and fool's gold. I have the ability to completely disappear at less than a day's notice. In an emergency I could disappear in an hour.

Hidden in various locations in areas with which I'm extensively familiar throughout the country are emergency supply caches, storing several things that will be useful in the short, medium, and long term, including weapons, medical supplies, and non-perishable food items, but also communications equipment and power generators.

I am healthy and physically fit. I have spent years practicing various skills that could help me survive in any situation. I have developed skills which will always be marketable in a variety of situations. I can take command just as easily as I can blend into the background.

I've always been prepared. I've always known that if anything was ever to go wrong I'd be able to survive it, and not just scraping by, either.

I just always thought that when the end came, it'd be something I'd want to survive.

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