meeting people is easy

As soon as the clocks struck midnight, the world started ending. Waters turning to blood, a star called Wormwood falling from the sky, all of it. The apocalypse came and the world went to hell and there was really nothing we could do about it.

Some of the survivors all banded together such as we could, away from all the cities and the action, hoping no one will notice. We're not really trying to rebuild civilization while everything is still all blood and bitter water and golden censers, but we kind of are, in a sense. It's not much but maybe when it's all over we'll be able to pick up the pieces.

That's years down the road. Right now we're just trying to survive. Or we should be. Making sure we have food to last, making sure we can defend ourselves, making sure we can pack up and leave if something happens. We have to be on the run. I think the second beast has risen from the earth now. We have to be vigilant and work hard and prepare.

I understand that. It's just, there's this girl I met here who was from Brooklyn originally, and she's pretty cute, and just because the world is over is no excuse to not try to do things right. I took her on something kind of like a date, such as it is, and I made her laugh, and it was the prettiest sound I've heard in this apocalyptic wasteland. We sat on the hill and watched stars falling from the sky and smiting ruin upon the earth. For a minute it was almost okay that the end was upon us. I went through hell to hear that laugh.

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